Projektart: Costumes

2018 | World of Warcraft – Sylvanas Windrunner

2017 | World of Warcraft – Alleria Windrunner

2017 | Diablo 3 – Wizard

This costume was created after a concept art from Victor Lee.

2016 | World of Warcraft – Demon Hunter

2015 | DC Comics – Poison Ivy


2015 | World of Warcraft / Heroes of the Storm – Illidan Stormrage

This was my first and only costume so far with which I participated in a cosplay contest. I always loved Illidans character and his story in the lore, so I really tried my best to bring this female version of him to life.

2015 | Ragnarok Online – High Wizard

Ragnarok has been the first online game I’ve played for a few years. I always been wizard or support class… which never changed since then, no matter which game I played.

2016 | Warcraft: The Beginning – Orc Lady

For the premiere of Blizzards Warcraft movie I made two quick Orc Lady costumes, one for a friend and one for me. We went together in costumes to the cinemas.

2015 | Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter Valla

This was my second costume and my first full armor I made a few months after I had started cosplaying. I loved the outcome, but it wasn’t too comfortable to wear… I really had to learn a lot more about crafting costumes 😉