Creating a costume is a complex procedure. It’s not only about glueing some foam parts together. Before even starting with the actual crafting, there’s the calculation of costs, materials to order, fabrics and colors to pick and much more.
To create a perfectly fitting costume you have to draw exact pattern and work accurate with the individual parts of the costume. If you finally can start crafting, it will be all about clean work and details as well as the paint job are going to make all the difference between a simple disguise and a really awesome costume!

As you might imagine – all those steps are taking time and passion. A lot of time.

Since I want to give as much love, passion and accuracy to commissions as I do to my own costumes, there are some things you have to be fully aware of before ordering a costume.

First and most important is if there is enough time to order, discuss, build and send the costume until you want to wear it. I won’t do last minute costumes, since neither you nor me are going to be satisfied with this kind of work in the end.
Second is that you have to be able and willing to pay the price for such a costume. Handmade art is expensive.

I love to bring costume designs to life, with all my heart. I’ll do my very best to show this love of in my creations – no matter if it’s for you or me.

If you’re interested in a commission just write me an eMail



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