Tiny Tutorial: Twisted worbla ornaments

Never throw away your worbla leftovers! (of course you already knew that!) Heat them and roll the worbla to thin ropes. Use only one rope to twist it, not two – so you can handle it better and the risk that the two sides stick together (where you don’t want them to) is much lower.

Heat the worbla plate you want to garnish a little bit and press one end of the rope to the point you want to start your twisted ornament. Squeez the twisted rope just a little bit to the worbla plate, so that you possibly could rearrange the design, if you want to.

If you are satisfied with your design, take your modeling tool and press every twist separately and firmly to the worbla plate.
Now you need a modeling tool with a small end (like a blade) to press the deeps between the twists. This is also the time to bring everything of the ornament in the right form.

When you’ve done all the modeling work … yeah, you are finished ;D That’s it!!

Don’t forget to heat regularly among every step 😉

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